GAT Scales of War

First Night In Brindol

Day 1
By luck, fate, or coincidence, the party finds themselves the subject of a brutal hobgoblin invasion of the sleepy town of Brindol. For the first time since the invasion of the Red Hand Horde, two decades ago, the town is plunged into a fiery battle with the uncivilized creatures of the Elsir Vale. Luckily, the rag tag party (a warlock, fighter, cleric, wizard, barbarian, and ranger) is able to push back the assault on the tavern and take the fight to the invaders in the streets of Brindol. It is during this assault that the party hears one of the goblins battle cry: “For Sinruth! For the Hand!”, perhaps a sign that the Red Hand has returned to the Vale. And while Sinruth seems to be a mystery, it appears a showdown is looming on the horizon. After dispatching a mighty ogre in the streets, the party is thanked by the town guard and asked to stay until morning when their safety can be assured. As a gesture of good will, they are offered a free night in one of the town’s inns.


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